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A Piece of Sweet Life

The mild summer in Italy, sun on the skin and typical Italian flavours on the tongue. Sounds like a dream? Not quite, as we at Dessert Manifaturra can offer you one of those sensational three. What we love and do best is produce original and unique Italian desserts and bring them directly from Bella Italia to your home.

An Italian Experience

Near Milan, we produce high-quality desserts that not only look like desserts from quaint Italian Pasticcerias, but also taste like them - if not better. However we don’t stop at tradition, as we tirelessly experiment with various flavours besides those of ‘panna cotta’ and ‘tiramisu’ to bring you innovative new tastes. Our passion lies in constantly creating new varieties so that the sweet life never gets boring.

Only fresh ingredients are used and we completely abstain from artificial aromas, colours and flavour enhancers. For all allergic persons, our entire operation and thus all products are gluten-free.

Our production has all the renowned certificates, such as IFS or BRC.


Initially, we only sold our desserts in Italy. After that we started to supply supermarkets in Austria and Germany.

During the introductory phase we received inquiries from Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Eastern Europe and Great Britain.

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